Introducing the SLICE Framework

I am very excited to introduce the SLICE Framework.  This framework summarizes six essential elements of instructional coaching.  The acronym of SLICE stands for the following:

  • Strategic (intentional and purposeful)
  • Learnable (able to be learned and developed)
  • Instructional (the head)
  • Coaching (the heart of the framework)
  • Essentials (each element is non-negotiable)



These six elements are interrelated and interdependent.  We will discuss these elements, both individually and in relation to each other, as we continue our work together.

You’ll notice that each element is represented by an icon.  As we discuss each SLICE, the icons will appear  to orient your reading.  The SLICEs are as follows:

relationshipsRelationships              conversationConversations

               instructionInstruction                         decisionsDecisions

c&cCulture and Change                growthLearning and Growth

I’m looking forward to both sharing more with you and hearing your thoughts about the SLICE Framework.



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