We could be heroes! Just for one day…

“Sometimes you stumble across a few chords that put you in a reflective place.”                -David Bowie

I was recently on Twitter (not much of a shock there). In the spur of the moment, I tweeted:


Over the next few days, responses, retweets, and favorites rolled in. As I read each word and phrase, I felt like Bowie stumbling on those few chords and found mysef in a reflective place.  The responses from my professional learning network (PLN) are arranged in the Popplet below (try it your self here).

Great Coach

I am and have always been impressed with the power of a PLN on Twitter. I encourage you to follow each of the folks in the Popplet and add them to your own PLN.  Remember that whatever word or phrase you would choose, as an instructional coach you don’t need to be a hero, but follow the example of David Bowie:

“I believe that I often bring out the best in somebody’s talents.” -David Bowie



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