Guest Post: Time Keeps on Slipping (So, use it productively)!

Paying enough effort and time is a key to success. However, sometimes the effort and time are not enough to get what you want. The matter is that we get the desired result when we properly use all the resources available. In this lies the real effectiveness that can help you to achieve what you want.

There are thousands of examples when people have several spare hours per day for accomplishing their goals but they never get what they want. And there are thousands of examples when people who have almost no free time get everything they want: they combine work and study, family and business, travel and full-time job. Why does this happen? In fact, the answer to this question lies in personal productivity and ability to manage time properly.

The importance of a schedule

Do you remember everything you have planned for today, this week, this month, or even this year? You are only a human being and your plans change all the time. Sometimes you just forget what you have planned, and sometimes the plans change because of some external factors. If you want to become more effective, you need to start with writing down your plans and creating a schedule.

Schedule is the easiest way to keep in mind everything that needs to be done. Without a schedule, we act spontaneously and spend too much time thinking about what we want to do. By creating a schedule, you assess the time you have, free resources, and technical possibilities of implementing the task. At first, creation of the schedule will take a lot of time, but later on, you will understand how to do it quicker.

The key idea of using a schedule is to strictly follow the plans that you have set for today or for this week. Besides, it is better to have several schedules for different periods of time. This way, you will be able to take smaller steps to achieve your big plans and include these steps into your everyday life.

Five ways to boost your productivity

Though schedule is one of the most basic ideas for improving your productivity, there are few more ways that support it and help to create a strategy for accomplishing more tasks and getting better results.

  1. Limit the time spent on social media

Facebook, Instagram, and messengers are the best time killers. People waste hours per day just scrolling through Facebook pages or looking at photos on Instagram. But the worst thing is that they do not even understand how much time it takes. Besides, regular checking of social media distracts you from work. If you check Facebook just once in a couple of days, you won’t notice this drastic effect, but most of us do it up to 10 or even more times a day, spending at least 10 minutes answering the comments, watching videos or replying to friends. If you want to become more productive, install special apps on your laptop or smartphone that control the time you spend on social media and messengers.

  1. Eliminate unnecessary tasks

We frequently do something only because we have got used to it. Getting rid of unnecessary tasks is not easy. At first, you need to determine what exactly is not essential for your life today. These tasks may be connected to work as well. Assess how much time and effort you spend on each assignment and eliminate the ones that take too much resources but have no effect. Perhaps, it is better to stop doing these tasks or find a way to do them quicker.

  1.   Know your personal rhythm

The period of productivity is different for everyone. Some people are more productive in the morning while other work perfectly during the night. If you know exactly when your productivity reaches its peak, you can use this knowledge to create a perfect schedule that will help you to complete tasks faster. Also, you need to know the time when you are less productive. Use it for house chores, dinner or rest. It’s better to preserve your energy for the time period when you can use it more effectively.

  1. Do not forget about free time!

Creating a schedule, we frequently forget that there should be time not only for work but also for rest and family. If you do not include these points to the schedule, you can get into the situation where you’ll have no time for a supper with friends or where you’ll spend several hours visiting your parents when this time was planned for work. That is why make sure that your everyday schedule includes at least a couple of hours that can be spent with family and friends.

  1. Be careful with multitasking

Sometimes multitasking seems to be the solution for all problems. When you have no time, you can just simultaneously work on several tasks killing two birds with one stone. However, multitasking is not the best strategy for everyday use. Of course, it can be handy from time to time, but if you do it regularly, you’ll notice the drastic effect: no energy to concentrate on important issues, failure to prioritize tasks, mixing up important ideas and facts etc. So if there’s no urgent necessity for multitasking, just avoid it.

Being effective and productive is a key to success. No one can achieve the desired results if they have no intentions to put in every effort and devote all their time to what they do. However, sometimes the effort and time are not enough. We achieve our goals only when we use all the available resources well. Only this way we can get what we want.

About our Guest Author: Jacob Chambless works as an educator at Jacksonville University. He is always ready to help students, sharing his experience and tips on particular subjects. Jacob’s passions writing articles and sharing knowledge with other people. You can read more from Jacob at his blog ( ) or reach out to him on Facebook ( or on Twitter (@jacob_chambless).

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