What makes a Sunflower successful?

Let’s talk about a sunflower. No, not any sunflower, but this particular sunflower. It isIMG_4570 2 beautiful, but that’s not what makes it successful. It’s only successful because it has a story. The story is quite unique.

This sunflower is currently in our yard. It’s November in Erie, Pennsylvania. Our yards are more often full of snowmen this time of year, rather than sunflowers or any flowers for that matter. This success only happened because the wrong time for every other sunflower was the right time for this one.

This sunflower’s success is even more unlikely. No one in my family planted this particular flower, at least not directly. The seed that became this IMG_4572sunflower fell from the another sunflower that we did plant in a garden, watered regularly, enjoyed all summer, then watched as it withered. Eventually we cut it down and placed the dried flower in one of our window bird feeders. You can what’s left of the flower in the picture to the right. So, one seed escaped being eaten by birds and survived a fall six feet to the ground.  This success only happened by taking a leap.


This may be hard to believe, but our friend the sunflower’s path to success was even trickier. Not only did the seed need the right time and take a leap, but the seed needed a landing spot that was just right.  IMG_4571Our seed didn’t fall in soil that was properly prepared and fertilized. No, our seed fell into a rock garden and somehow found the right spot between the rocks to find soil, stay hidden from hungry squirrels, and receive the appropriate sunshine and water to sprout and grow.

So, if you are taking notes, you noticed that our sunflower needed three things to be a success: the right time, taking a leap, and landing in the right spot. What’s this all mean?

It means that you can be a success, too. It might not feel like it right now, but success will come. It might not be the right time quite yet. You might need to take the leap. If you do, you might land in the right place. Your story is a unique as that of our sunflower.

So, thank you to the sunflower for making it feel that everything is going to be alright.IMG_4570

“You’re, making it feel that everything is alright
You’re my sunflower, you’re my sunflower
You’re, making it feel that everything is alright
You’re my sunflower, you’re my sunflower” -Lenny Kravitz


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